The Sly Stallone Story

This is the Story of Slyvester Stallone in realation to his movie "RockY" . It is Narrated by Tony Robbins

I've seen (count them) all 6 of the Rocky movies. It was interesting to find out how one of the most motivational classic movies came to life.

One thing I found out that I didn't know, is that Stallone wrote the "Rocky" movie. And at first, a movie that has grossed millions up to date was rejected over and over again when He shopped the screenplay. But that did not stop the determined Sylvester Stallone. The moral of the story is to NEVER GIVE UP on your dreams... Enjoy.


Tired of your Day Job? Maybe its time to INVEST IN YOURSELF


Invest in Yourself

Invest in yourself.

The Robert Kiyosaki book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" is the first book that I read that gave me the courage, vision and validation that I wanted to do something different with my life then just working at a job.

I was tired of trading hours for dollars and I wanted Information on getting out of that Day to Day same old routine they call a job. I was tired of if it and I truly wanted to Start my own Business.

The Teachings in the Book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" helped me tremendously and  I have included this video below is an introduction to what the Robert Kiyosaki concept is all about. Its called the Cash Flow Quadrant...

Invest in yourself, stop making other people rich and get out of the "RAT RACE"...enjoy

To tell you about Me

I remember being a Computer Networking Technician where I was in charge of making computers in a network connect to the internet and wiring the whole system. The job was cool and I was devoted because there was tons of overtime and I was "in the field". That meant I was not in a cubicle or office but I had the freedom of being outside and working. One of my favorite perks was if I finished all of my assignments for the day by lets say 2:00pm then I can leave and get paid for the whole day! Some days I would start as early as possible to finish as quick as possible to be home no later than 2:30pm. That was my first taste of getting paid and I was not even working. I was at home.

But as all things change, I got layed off. Economical problems was the reason I was told but I didn't understand all the ins and outs. I thought the company was doing well. But as we all know today even the most lucrative of companies can go under and you are not safe at even the most prestigious of jobs.

During my layoff where I was just pushing my resume to other job opportunities and collecting unemployment. I read Rich Dad Poor Dad. My good friend recommended to it me as we always dreamt of becoming rich.

After Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad*, I realized that it was the most education I've received on the subject of money in my whole life. I now understood why companies go belly up and people file for bankruptcy. Rich Dad Poor Dad explained the ups and downs in the financial markets and why there are layoffs at even the most prestigious of companies.

The book went further by touching on what the Rich teach their kids that the middle class and poor do not. The author is telling a story of himself growing up with two influences, his best friends father, who was a real estate investor and His own father who was a College professor. Both fathers had money but how they acquired and invested their money was two different worlds. The story is truly inspiring and it changed my way of thinking about money and what it really is.

- Joe Styles -

P.S. You can

*Get your copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad Here



Tony Robbins is the truth.

After I saw this, it changed my whole way of thinking.

at least for the moment...



Failure vs. Sucess

The one thing that is needed and cannot be avoided on the Journey of Success